Easy Windows Backup Software Protects Your System And Data

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System Backup & Restore

Create a system image backup for current Windows with simple clicks to keep operating system under protection

Partition Backup

DiskGenius provides all-in-one partition backup solution to fully protect your data against any potential risks.
  • Image Partition

    Efficiently back up everything on partition into one compressed file via several clicks, so that you can restore data from the image file when data loss or disaster occurs.
  • Clone Partition

    Copy all data from one partition to another without interrupting any running programs, assuring you a copy 100% identical to the original drive.
  • Browse image files

    Browse and retrieve files in the image file without restoring partition, and copy desired files/folders to target location.
  • Supported file systems

    Support backing up partitions formatted as NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, FAT16, FAT12, Ext2, Ext3 and Ext4.

Disk Backup

Clone disk or create disk image for hard drive, external HDD, SSD, flash drive, virtual disk and other devices that can be recognized by Windows.
  • Clone Disk

    Copy anything from hard disk including OS, file systems and partition scheme to another with either file-by-file or sector-by-sector manner under Windows, Server or WinPE.
  • Image Hard Drive

    Create a compressed file for disks via sector-by-sector copy, completely capturing everything including system, settings, boot information, partition table, personal data, etc.
  • Easy and Self-explanatory

    Easy-to-use and powerful disk backup program does not require advanced technical skills, which is suitable for both personal and business use.
  • MBR & GPT Disk Backup

    DiskGenius is able to back up both MBR and GPT hard disk, and supports large capacity hard disk up to 16TB and non-512 bytes sector size drive.