Version:       Updated: Mar. 14, 2023
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The downloaded application is Free Edition which can be upgraded to Standard Edition or Professional Edition. You can test the free edition before deciding whether to buy higher editions.

Release Notes

DiskGenius Version History
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  • New

    1. Add support for reading ISO disc file system. The Sector Editor feature can jump to file system related structures and supports data template.

    2. Add support for reading ReFS file system, and the Sector Editor feature supports to jump to file system related structures.

    3. Add Turkish language pack.


    1. The feature of searching for lost partitions supports ReFS partitions.

    2. The Quick Partition feature adds EXT4 partition format.

    3. Optimize the file copy speed after recovering files and intelligently loading partitions.

    4. Optimize the recovery effect of recovering files from NTFS partitions.

    5. Optimize the recovery effect of recovering files from exFAT partitions.

    6. Improve the accuracy of recovering MXF files by type.

    7. The System Migration feature temporarily stops supporting MBR disks booted in EFI mode.


    1. Fixed an issue that long volume label couldn't be entered during using Quick Partition feature.

    2. Fixed an issue that exception occurred when resizing partition of a large-capacity hard drive.

    3. Fixed an issue that the folder permission got changed after cloning the EXT4 partition.

    4. Fixed an issue that the block bitmap might have errors after cloning the EXT3 partition.

    5. Fixed an issue of parsing the file directory of exFAT partition used by some systems.

    6. Fixed an issue that the 64-bit version couldn't run due to the lack of Winhttp.dll under WinPE.

    7. Fixed an issue that the backup of BitLocker drive which was unlocked by system failed.

    8. Fixed an issue that the capacity of lost BitLocker partition was not displayed correctly when the partition was found but not unlocked.

    9. Fixed an issue for the Backup Disk To Image File feature that logical partitions were displayed incorrectly.

    10. Fixed an issue that sometimes partitions couldn't be switched by clicking the partition map area after restoring partition from image file.

    11. Fixed an issue that the "Go to sector offset" feature in Sector Editor did not jump according to the current position.

    12. Fixed an issue that errors occurred in reading Storage Space whose provisioning type is FIXED.