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Deleted file recovery software full version can be downloaded free here to help you recover deleted or lost files from hard drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, pen stick, virtual disk and other storage devices on Windows 10/8/7. In this page, you can also learn how to get back deleted data via simple clicks with the help of deleted file recovery full version.

DiskGenius - Windows file recovery software to get back deleted, lost or formatted files easily and quickly.

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Why is the deleted file recovery software free download full version needed?

It is quite common to encounter data loss issues such as accidental deletion of important files, partition turns to RAW, formatting wrong volume, etc. File loss can be a tragic experience, and it may happen to almost all users. When data loss problem occurs, you find nowhere to access those files. It seems that they are permanently missing. However, as a matter of fact, you can use file recovery software free download full version to perform data recovery.

The major function of such recovery software is to help you restore lost data via simple steps. File recovery software is built in special techniques and it is able to scan free space of devices and locate recoverable data. If you are going to have a try of deleted file recovery software for Windows PC, you can find quite a few similar products on the market. Some of them are free version and some are paid programs.

When you search deleted file recovery products on the Internet, you can also find some company offer data recovery service. You can send your computer, hard drive or other storage devices to those recovery centers whose experts will do the recovery task for you. In general, those services are neither free nor cost-effective. From this, purchasing service to recover data is not the best choice.

In many cases, file recovery software free version or trial version can scan device and preview recoverable files, but you can get a better recovery result with the full version of paid software. Anyway, no matter which version you use, you can try the recovery thing on your own. What you need to do is free downloading the software and follow specified guide to get back lost data. Therefore, deleted file recovery full version is the most recommended option. Now you may ask where to free download it and how to use it to get back deleted or lost files. Next we will check out answers.

Options of deleted file recovery software free download full version

When it comes to deleted file recovery software free download full version, the first option you can consider is DiskGenius. DiskGenius supports to recover lost data from any data loss situations. This program was initially released in the year 1997 and it has been focusing on disk partition and data recovery since then. Now DiskGenius is already a reliable and complete program which help both inexperienced and professional users to manage disk space, recover lost files & partitions, backup data, etc. You can easily free download the deleted file recovery software from the Internet and test if it meets your needs. Here are some factors accounting for why you would like to choose it for data recovery.

  • Deleted file recovery: recover files deleted by Shift + Delete or emptied from Recycle Bin; restore deleted data from USB drives.
  • Format recovery: scan formatted device and retrieve lost data with original file names and paths.
  • RAW partition recovery: quickly recover files from RAW drive, unformatted partition or corrupted volumes.
  • Lost partition recovery: search for deleted or lost partitions and restore them to disk, so that lost partitions can be mounted by system like before.
  • Advanced data recovery functions: it is able to construct virtual RAID to facilitate RAID recovery; hex editor is added to help manual data recovery.
  • Supported file system formats: NTFS, exFAT, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, EXT2, EXT3 and EXT4.

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How to recover deleted files with the help of deleted file recovery software in Windows 10/8/7?

You can spend several seconds checking your Recycle Bin before starting to recover files with deleted file recovery software full version. Since files deleted from PC are put into Recycle Bin first, you may find them in it if you are lucky enough to have not emptied it after deletion. Choose and right-click files you want to recover in Recycle Bin and select Restore, and you can get them back to original location. Files deleted from removable disks like SD card and USB flash drive are not moved to Recycle Bin, and you need to try the recovery method below.

Step 1. Free download deleted file recovery software and get it installed properly on a Window computer. Then launch the software.

Caution: Do not install the file recovery software to the partition or drive where you need to recover data!

Step 2. In DiskGenius, choose the drive that needs recovering deleted files and click File Recovery from tool bar.

In the picture below, we are going to recovering lost files from the EXT4 drive. You can select the drive either from the directory tree on the left or highlight drive from partition bar.

deleted file recovery software free download full version

Step 3. Scan the selected device.

Choose recovery options from the pop-up window and click Start button. After that DiskGenius starts to search for lost data from selected drive. You can see files are displaying during scanning.

deleted file recovery software free download full version

Step 4. Preview and filter recoverable files.

You can preview files that are listed in scanning result to evaluate recovery quality, as follows. DiskGenius is previewing a picture and the preview window shows file data in its original size. Besides, you can use the Filter feature to locate needed files quickly.

deleted file recovery software free download full version

Step 5. Recover lost files.

Select files and folders you want to restore, and right-click them to choose Copy To. Then you can specified a location to save these recovered files.

deleted file recovery software free download full version

Recovering deleted or lost files is no longer a complicated task, for modern recovery software is effective and user-friendly and makes the recovery an easy job. But attention should be paid to avoid data overwriting. When data loss issue occurs, you should stop using the device where lost files were stored. If you continue using the device, you are likely to overwrite or destroy lost data. When a file gets deleted, operating system only removes file pointer and marks disk sectors taken by the file as Free. At this point, there is great chance to recover deleted or lost data. If the device continues to be used after data loss, those sectors containing lost data might be reused for new data. In that case, the chance of successful deleted file recovery is slim. Therefore, you should act fast and perform deleted file recovery as soon as possible when you are aware of data loss problem.

Tips for deleted file recovery software full version

Here are some tips on deleted file recovery software full version and you can refer to these points to increase the chance of successful recovery.

  • When you are recovering data, do not save recovered files directly to the drive which is being recovered files.
  • In scanning result, if files with original names cannot be previewed, you need to check files listed under Recovered Typed. These files are found via deep scanning and they are probably including files you need.
  • You can save scanning result on your own so that the recovery can be resumed later without scanning from beginning.
  • If the scanning process sticks to a place for long time, there must be bad sectors there. You can check bad sectors for the disk.
  • To some extent, deleted file recovery software full version is not omnipotent, for damaged or overwritten files cannot be recovered. Hence, it is necessary to attach importance to prevent data loss. Data backup can be a good option, which is easy to carry out, for instance, copy and save files to a difference disk, upload data to cloud drives, create partition image, etc.

Conclusion on deleted recovery software free download

In this article, you can find a deleted file recovery software free download full version and a guide to get back deleted or lost files from PC, hard drive, USB disks, flash drive, virtual disk, etc. easily and quickly. You can give yourself a shot to recover deleted files free Windows before purchasing data recovery services. Should you have any questions or suggestions regarding deleted file recovery free download, please feel free to contact us.


DiskGenius - Competent deleted file recovery software to recover lost data from PC, USB disk, SD card, etc.

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